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Sunday ride. 8 riders turned up to ride today again we have a new member riding, we like to welcome Kent to our riding group (another Victory rider Allen happy). The ride led out by Dale of to the coffee shops (oops its closed now Dale to find another Yandina). Where Des goes for fuel and we haven't seen him since. (He has a story to tell us next week). We leave Yandina to go to Kin Kin but heavy rain makes us have change of plans. The route now of to Kenilworth up Obi Obi to Mappleton for Lunch. It was good to a few more riders for Sunday ride. Hopefully we will get more partners out in the future. Next Wednesday ride is to Bluebird Cafe Belli creek. Next coffee run will be Flaxen Barn cafe at 0900 on 11th March. We now 15 people going on the ride to Texas so if you are interested please led me know asap.

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