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Wednesday ride. 11 riders turn out today for a pleasant ride around the hinterland South and North. With Allan leading the way it was all system goes once Dale turn up (For Dale sake, we depart at 0830 sharp) we had been riding for about 90 minutes when all of sudden we had pulled over on side of the road. Allan hops of his bike come back to the 4 wise men (Des, Jim, Lou, and Allan) and a discussion take place on the road (traffic no issue for these wise men) whilst the rest of us sit on our bikes waiting, finally a decision made and were of again, we are not lost just needed some confirmation. So we now head to the Bell bird cafe at Belli Park. (a very nice place were bike riders are very welcome). A good coffee and a chat was the order of the day, another enjoyable day. The northern and coastal guys departed to go back via the Highway and the rest of us back via Kenilworth, Obi-Obi and that place at Mappleton again "stopped us'. it was good to see Steve and Chris back out riding with us again, Steve hasn't been on a ride since May last year. next week ride will be led by Jim information soon. Don't forget Saturday monthly Breakfast 0830 Mary Cairn Cross Cafe Malaney.

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