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Wednesday ride. Yes we did ride today, not to Jimna as was posted. 7 of us met at BP Forest Glen this morning to discuss options for the days ride. Depending on area of the hinterland you came from described the condition for the Day. If you came from the hills its raining, came from the lower south the Sun shining and come from the north - what rain. So it was decided that we go south and have a coffee at Glass House Mountain Look Out Cafe. So off we went with Jim leading the way. It was a cautious ride via Eudlo, Landsborough, Beerwah and on to Glass House Mountain Look Out Cafe. No rain to speak about but a couple very slippery spots. It was good coffee, good food and a long chat as nobody was that interested in pursuing a further ride. On departure for home Down come the rain. (At least we were heading Home) Like the old saying goes 'a day on the bike is better than no day bike on the Bike'. 😀 
Reminder:  Sunday 11/03/18, 0900 Coffee run at Flaxton Barn, Flaxton.

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