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15 riders turned up for the ride today for what was a very eventful day. Thanks goes out to Jim for organising and leading the ride with another successful day. We also welcome along Katherine for the days ride hope she enjoy the day out with us older gentlemen!  Prior to the start of the ride Jim gave us all a brief about the ride and that we will have riders waiting at corners making sure that everyone get through the ride. The question did pop up that we should stay a bit closer, but this might have meant the wrong idea for a couple as we are not long into the ride where we had to make a left hand turn into peak hour traffic and yes it happens a Suzuki runs in to the back of a Harley (we are not off to a great Start) both bikes pull over have a quick look at the bikes doesn’t seem to be much damage so on the bikes they go and of after the rest of the bunch. We get a bit further down the road and it looks like the Triumph is still having that indicator problem again it stayed on for some 2ks before the rider fixed the problem. (It was bit late the fine in place another dollar into the jar) He wasn’t the only one Mick had come out for a ride (it’s been awhile since we had seen him) and yes the Yamaha also had indicator problems so another fine for the jar. We all stop for a short break at Cooroy and had a bit more of inspection of the 2 bikes; there was a bit more damage than the original inspection but both bikes were able to keep going for while.  We left Cooroy went out past Pomona onto the old highway along Mary Valley road through Kenilworth and about 5ks from Conondale Andy on the Harley pullover he got some major problems with the belt drive, so 3 of us stop and assist as the rest keep going. (a call through to Jim to let him know what we are up to and he keeps going with bunch to Maleny) Andy and Alan L do a bit of inspection and then Andy rings his mechanic and talks through the issue.  Decision made we will try and limp it home all turns out reasonably ok, we all get to Maleny for a coffee. Andy get the bike home safe, it will be a day he won’t forget in a while. (we can all smile as no one injured, just a bit of Pride) Well that another day out on the bike, thanks everyone and we hope to see you all next Week.

Next Wednesday Ride will be one for Lou. Rod L and myself organising the ride going to Doonan Cafe, going via Nambour, North arm, Gold creek road, Skyring Creek, Old Highway, Pamoona, Cooroy a couple of switch backs and onto Doonan.

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