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Sunday 23rd June ride: We had another great day out on the bikes today, with one of our best Sunday ride groups that I have seen since riding with the branch. In total we had 19 people on 12 bikes out enjoying the scenery with the winter morning coolness being a bit brisk but everyone was very well rugged up. We 15 riders and pillions start the day at Woombye to head along Dulong road, back into Nambour out through North Arm along Gold creek road, onto Kenilworth road then along Skyring Creek road to Kadanga for morning tea. Marty headed of to Gympie for a important meeting (he has had a quite few of those in the past hope this one works out for him). At Kadanga we met up with Andy and Sandy who join us for the rest of the day. On this occasion I can’t give the Co-op cafe much of a wrap, as the Coffee was cold and some orders were misplaced, hopefully that will improve in the future They were a bit ran of their feet. So after a long wait for our morning tea Lou took the lead of the group as we were heading into his territory to end up At Noosa North Shore Side Hotel for Lunch. So we headed up to Gympie Back down the Old Bruce highway (Gary then headed of Home as he had another appointment for the day) to Cooroy across to Tewantin and then onto the Ferry to cross the river to have lunch at the Hotel. On arrival Dave and Sandy were their waiting for us on their bike Dave gave us a long winded story about buying a camp fridge and that’s why they missed the start “but I believe Sandy “they slept in”. So we had 17 for lunch at the hotel all enjoying the day out. Thanks to everyone for making it another great day out and it is so good to see more Partners out with us enjoying the day.

Just a Quick note: We have a very busy schedule coming up for July and August so keep an eye out for what we are doing and see if you can make time to join us:


Wednesday 26th June ride

Ride leader is Greg: Meet at Woombye Pub car park at 0800 depart at 0830. Destination for the day is Beefy's Pies at Wild Horse Mountain. Travel will be via Dulong to Mapleton, then down to Maleny, looping out through Reeseville before joining Stanley River road, then continuing along the Beerwah/Kilcoy road to a rest stop at Cruice Park. Then via the D'Agular Highway to Wamuran, Elimbah, then via Steve Irwin Way and Johnston Road to Wild Horse Mountain.

Wednesday 26th June Social gathering and Meeting

 Our monthly Social gathering and Meeting at the Woombye Hotel 6pm for socialising and meal 7pm meeting, hope to see you all there.

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