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What a great day for a ride or was it? Well the day started of nice and fresh at a brisk 6 degrees at Woombye but 19 riders turn up for the ride to Gympie with our lead rider being John Mc (No mirrors John that will come out later), thanks john for planning and organising this adventure. John gave everyone a very brief description of is ride being if you done my last ride it the same route (problem was that a couple had missed his last lead ride but had done the one before). So now the comedy capers start, we all saddled up for the ride with Lindsay the middle rider wearing the orange vest (we will have teach Lindsay how to count and work out where the middle of the bunch is) and Gary being TEC (in his words the best place to ride as you can see everything going wrong but your not to blame).  We all left together heading towards BLi-Bli then onto Yandina then onto the highway. Now this is where things started to go wrong, one of our corner marshals stop out near the beginning of the Highway, not at the roundabout exit so Marty goes straight ahead with about 6 riders that includes our Middle marker and TEC. So they all stop and Question the way to go, with Marty stating this is the way that John went last time (that was correct for Marty as he did miss a ride that John led) so they toddle off looking for the front bunch and agreed they would go to Kin-Kin if they couldn’t meet up. Mean while that left all the other corner makers sitting on corners waiting until some went riding back and some decided to keep going so now there were about 4 groups of riders scattered for some Kilometres. So your truly riding up front behind Johny Mc was doing regular counts and the numbers were getting less and less until we were down to 6 riders so I pull over out near Boreen Point area to see what has happen but John our leader kept going (no mirrors). Whilst waiting I made a phone call to Lindsay to find out where they were! the report was we are heading into Kin-Kin (he also said a few other words that I can’t mention) I replied back I am still a fair way out and the lead group was heading in that direction. So I high tailed it to Kin-Kin and there the last 6 riders and me no lead or middle riders. I then received a call from Alan L asking where are we “in Kin-Kin” they were at John little park, so they decided to head into Kin-Kin. In the mean time another 4 riders came in on their own as they were corner markers waiting with no one turning up. The word was we have lost Nev as his back bag was left open and he had lost a bit of gear so he was going back to look for it. We all regrouped at Kin Kin for the ride to Gympie for morning tea and dissect what had happen and who was going to be the joker for the day but as it turn out there was just too many to pick from.  The last time we seen Nev was he was heading back up the highway with hazards lights on looking for his gear.   Well that it for this week report something for everyone to talk about. Thanks everyone that turned up for another enjoyable day out and a bit of fun, stay upright and safe.


Rob L is now taking names for those intending to do our 5 day ride starting on the 16th September, Rob need names so he can start organising accommodation for us all.

Sunday the 21st July. The inter branch Bar B Que being hosted by Frazer Coast branch at Bauple. Meet at Woombye Pub Car park 0800 for 0830 departure travel to Gympie have morning Tea  and then on to Bauple for a Bar B Que with our other Branches.

Wednesday 24th July ride Ride leader is Dale. Meet at Woombye Pub carpark at 0800 for a 0830 departure this is Dale's mistery ride  finishing back at the Woombye Pub for lunch at around 12pm with BYO Morning tea at Cooroy garden, the only thing we can be sure of Dale wont get lost as we don't know where he is going to lead us.


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