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5 Day ride report: We had 10 riders attend our 5 day ride with us meeting at Beerwah 0700 on Monday morning all keen to head of for what should be a great ride. The first day took in place like Esk, Gatton, Heifer creek, Warwick, Tenterfield, Glen Innes, Armadale and then Tamworth with us arriving there around  5pm 680 ks for the day. Everyone was a bit tired but the spirit was there so it was of to bowling club for few refreshments and dinner where we had a couple of visitors from the Tamworth branch come along and joined us for the evening. Tuesday morning it was up earlier for another day of riding so it was of to Macca’s for Coffee and a bit of breakfast where Dale sure let us know what he thought of Macca’s and didn’t let up on it (apparently he likes to stop at Truck stops for the big breakfast). The early reports was that we may get a little bit of rain but not much (that did change a big time as it turn out) so it was of via Werris creek, Spring Ridge, Premier past Oval Hill near Wheelaburrowback and onto the Black stump where the rain started and the Temperature plummeted. Everyone was keen to put on a lot of warmer gear and the wet weather stuff as well, the comments started to flow but it was back on the bikes head for Coolah, Gulgong and Mudgee for fuel and a bite to eat. Whilst we had stop for fuel I gave out direction for where we were going for a coffee thinking everyone had understood (Lesson learn make sure everyone does) so most of us headed around to the bakery but Bob and Alan L they went in a different direction. We had been at the bakery for some time and there was no Bob or Alan so we tried to ring them a few times No answer (we still don’t know why Bob and Alan have a phone because it seems they don’t know how to use them). After having ridden around town to  find them and we had stopped for more than 90 minutes a decision was made that we need to go as the rain was coming down fairly heavy and it was getting colder and hope Bob and Alan would meet us in Denman. We left Mudgee heading to Lue, Rylstone (where the Temperature was now only 4 degrees) then down through Bylong valley, Sandy Hollow and Denman where Alan and Bob were, all nice and warn sitting near the wood fire. It was in the Showers for all of us and get some dry gear on except for two whose bags were not water proof,  there was a lot of gear scatted around the fire places trying to dry out. Wednesday morning looked like it might be dry for the day so we headed of to Singleton for Breakfast and then the rain came so back on with the wet weather gear.  We then headed on to Dungog where you will find the roughest tarred roads in Australia the main street is a disgrace (the locals must have upset someone because no one would put up with that anywhere else) . We then went onto Glouster, Nabiac to the motor bike Museum (if you want to see motorbikes you have to call in there, but give yourself a couple of hours because there is that many bikes there). After that we then went up the Highway to Wauchope and then onto the Long flat hotel (what a eye opener). You need to talk to the guys about this one as I haven’t got time to write it all in.  Thursday it was on the Oxley Highway for some of the best riding in Aus, a good 130ks hit out before breakfast at Walcha then it was up to Armidale to do the Water fall way to Dorrigo then back through the valley to Grafton a great day of riding. Friday we lose a couple Alan L heads off to stay at Yamba, Lindsay heads home via the Highway needs some new tyres and the rest of us travel via Casino, up and down Mount Lindsay through Boonah Esk and home a total of just over 2500ks and a very enjoyable time with same minded people. A couple of names to remember Graham R (Foxie “short for fox terrier”)  Dale (big breakfast “goes with the gold wing”) Alan L  (That’s mine “just don’t order what Al orders you won’t get it”)   Nev (dry weather only “just don’t ask him how the Harley handles in the rain”) Bob  G (No phone). Thanks to Rob L for organising another great trip away, everyone seems to enjoy even though it rained, great effort everyone. So until next time stay upright and Safe.

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