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Today’s ride started early for me this morning with it pouring down rain at 7 am and I am getting ready to ride up Woombye thinking we be lucky to have 4 riders but as it turn out there were 14 of us all ready to ride at 0830 from Woombye (So the rain hadn’t put everyone off). Rob L our leader and organiser for the day gave us all brief on our ride (maybe next time someone gives a brief that we talk about etiquette “more later”). So of we depart for what should be a good day out riding. We haven’t gone far when a group of 5 riders at the back get caught up in traffic so with this happening the group comes to their first left hand turn No corner marker so luckily Dave C knew that we had turn left took us that way (this was the duck ponds at Palmwoods) so of they head and then comes to Eudlo turn off no corner maker but Dave knowing we were going to Eudlo somehow take this turn with the TEC blasting his horn on his bike trying to get the attention of the 4 riders but no avail they all turn down Eudlo road, so the TEC rounds them up and gets them to go back thinking there would be a corner marker at the next turn “Chevallum School road”.  So we head toward Chevallum where Lindsay was travelling back towards the back group wondering where they had got to. With Lindsay turning and joining the back of the group the TEC goes the front to lead as the riders were not sure of the route. The group of now 6 riders heads of looking for the next corner hoping to see a corner maker waiting but “no’ not one any where all the way to Kilcoy. I just wonder why they put mirrors on motor bikes as it seems not many use them. So maybe we all need a lesson in etiquette when riding in a group. Anyway once we all had regrouped at Kilcoy and we had a few discussions on what is required everyone seemed to be happy. With the next leg onto Fernvale 4 riders called it a day and went home with the rest riding together all way to Bakery for lunch with no issues. After lunch we all head back home heading in different ways with 2 of our riders going over Mt Glorious and Mt Mee, whilst travelling along Mt Mee road they happen to come across two female riders in a bit of distress so they pull over to assist , one of the girls had a issue with the gear lever on her bike and was unable to change gears so our guys got to work and fixed it for them so they could continue on their way “Great Effort Guys”. Thanks Rob L for the ride and thanks everyone for making it an interesting day.

Now back to the etiquette when riding in a group. All riders turn up to ride the plan route as some may have or have not ridden so we must think of this. 1) When we leave a location check behind you and see what bikes are close to you so if they are not in your mirrors further on up the road you can wait and identify them when necessary, when coming to corner and the group is turning have look in your mirrors to see if there are a couple riders following if not stop and wait (the TEC should have a good knowledge of the route so if someone does go missing the TEC will stick to the route to pick up any corner markers waiting) 2) if you are following in a group and you come to a corner and there are no corner makers (if the road has the option of going straight forward keep going forward) but if your not sure wait for the TEC to give direction (we will then look for the non corner marker maybe a $1 fine coming). 3) when we have the Orange vest rider this rider is to be in the middle of the bunch and operates as TEC and Leader for the actual leader and TEC this prevents bikes line up on the side of the road causing a traffic Hazard.   Hope this helps everyone so until next time Stay upright and safe.

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