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Ride report written by Lindsay (:

When our ride leader, Bob G, first put his ride location up we were going to the berry farm. On reading this I had thoughts of a berry  smoothy and pancakes topped with berries and strawberry ice cream yum  yum. But checking on Tuesday I was shattered  to find we were going on a different location. I think there should be a fine for getting my hopes up.

Another good  gathering  today, 19 riders. It was good to have better weather today, after yesterday. Bob gave us a talk on the directions we were taking  and we were also reminded about our corner marking duties.

Helmets on and off we go , through Nambour, Yandina, Gold Creek Road ,Moy Pocket Road, Brooloo, passing through Imbil and onto Lake Borumba for a pit stop. After our quick stop we headed off passing through Kenilworth, Connondale then stopping at Knob Lookout . After a very quick look at the view we continued onto Stanley River Road then onto Peachester Cafe.

The café had recently changed owners who have continued making good food and coffee. After all the problems were solved and the food and drinks were gone we all started to head our different ways.

Many thanks to Bob for another great ride, even if I didn’t get my feed of things made with berries.

I dug holes for a living so please forgive my gramma, spelling and writing.

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