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The day started of well for us all with Alan L nice and early  ready to lead his ride and with 16 riders all keen to go it was going to be interesting to see if we all can stay together with the roundabout ride to Old Petrie  Town. Alan gave us all a brief on the ride explaining the course “but I think” most only got as far as the first stop before he started to lose a couple, but it was going to be interesting to make sure we all arrived together. So we depart at 0830 with Alan  leading Lindsay middle marker and a TEC heading up to Montville, Bald knob, Peachester, Beerwah old Gympie road to Beerburrum for the first stop no issues every one does a great job keeping together. So after the stop it was follow Alan and keep close as I doubt anyone had any Idea where we were going except Alan and as it turn out, we all arrived safe and sound at Old Petrie Town for a feed , coffee and a chat. Great effort Alan for planning and leading the ride everyone seemed to enjoy the ride and the company so thanks all for making it another great day out on the bikes. There was a find though, Greg not turning his indicator off in time as he went all the way through Montville with it flashing. We have some news Lou and Annie will be leaving us in the next few weeks moving north to be in warmer weather all year round we wish them both all the best for the future. Lou is hoping to make next Wednesday ride as it may be his last ride with the branch before he leaves, so if you can, come along and farewell Lou. So until next time Stay upright and Safe.

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