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Today was to be Lou’s last Wednesday ride with us but that is a little bit up in the air at the moment so we treated the day as his last Wednesday ride anyway. We had our mystery ride leader today and it was a mystery so on behalf of our Mystery leader I gave a brief of our ride thinking it was going to be a simple ride up to Kin-Kin and then onto Cooloola Berryies. So with 19 bikes and a pillion we depart from the Woombye pub with everyone following along Dulong road back to Nambour out though Yandina and North Arm, Eumundi and then towards Cooroy where the plan changed with our mystery leader taking a right hand turn then stopping to allow Lou to lead the team of riders “as it was to be his last ride with us” he took us on a roundabout ride to Kin-Kin nowhere like what was planed (“you are not lost if you keep going forward”, there was no way we were turning around). On arrival at Kin- Kin we still had everyone following so it proves a point, you don’t need to know which way we are going as long as everyone look for their mates they will always follow.  After a short break it was off up along Cedar Pocket road to the Tin Can Bay road. There were 7 riders that arrived at the end and were waiting for the rest to turn up, there was no one so I look at my phone I have a miss cal from Jim our middle rider who had left a message Kent has bitten the gravel and they were assisting him. So I made a couple of calls back and was able to contact Lindsay who had inform us that everything is ok and they had taken a short cut across to Wolvi and that Jim and Marty had continued along Cedar pocket to pick us up making sure we all were back into at least 2 groups now. So now we depart and head down Wolvi road and onto Coolloola berries. On our arrival here is Kent sitting up with his right foot in a bucket of ice water (as it turns out he has been lucky no breaks just a very Bruise Ego and foot), with very minimal damage to his bike. So now it was to the real reason for our trip It was Scones Cream and Strawberries, Ice cream waffles and Strawberries or  the big one Pancakes Ice cream strawberries and syrup (see photo of Lindsay) and there was the occasional Bacon and egg roll.  Owing to the short notice of Lou leaving we were able to get something together and present to him it was one of our new Caps that will be release later in the year. I take this opportunity to thank Marg and Marlene for coming along on today’s ride “it good to have our woman folk welcome on our rides we hope to see you on future midweek rides”.  We thank everyone that turn up making it another great day out on our bikes so until next time Stay upright and safe.

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