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Sunday 27th October Triva/Observation ride day. There were 20 people this morning for our first attempt of running something totally different then what we would normally do for our Sunday ride. Thanks must go out to Dale and Marline for organising the day and morning Tea, there were some homemade cakes on offer so they went fairly quick and were enjoyable with the cups of tea and coffee.  We had a few visiting riders from Gympie and Glass House Mountain we hope they enjoyed the day as we know a few got lost or lost their paper work so that made things interesting for them trying to find their way around. It was good to finely see Evelyn out for a ride with us, along with Haz having her first long ride on the back of Phil bike. So the day, Dale gave us a brief on the proceedings for the day whilst Marline handed out the Route instruction along with the questionnaire for triva. So of we all head as it turned out those in cars seem to manage it quite well, those with a pillion done ok but those on the bike on their own, we will say a bit more home work is needed as it very hard to read navigation instruction along with a Questionnaire on the local area. Most of us made it for Morning Tea at the Botanic gardens and there quite a few laughs about people getting lost missing Question and so forth. After morning tea we headed of for the second leg back to Woombye Pub as we all left a couple of lost riders turned up so Dale and Marline un packed things to make them Coffee and have some cake.  A few did the second leg of Questions with some just riding back to the Pub for lunch. It was a fun day out something different and we will review it to see what we can do for next year, so for those that attended thanks for the day out, we hope you enjoyed it and until next time stay upright and safe.

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