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We decided to turn the combined BBQ into a weekend away and with Annette and Gary inviting us to stay with them at there Holliday home at the beautiful beachside town of Woodgate Beach , It really was a no brainer  .Then the trouble started with Marles being put into Hospital on Friday we thought it was the end of our weekend but she was given the all clear 6 pm Friday ,So we raced home and packed, Up nice an early biked packed ,riding gear on  ,heading out the driveway ,you guessed it ,it started to rain, so stop on with the wets and YEP the rain stoped so off to Woombye we head to meet up with Nev And Lindsay ( Annette drove and Gary rode but left at 6 ) so off we head to Kin Kin to meet up with Sandy & Andy and on to the Tin Can Bay Road to pick up Evelyn & Russel (Gympie Branch ) but alas Evelyn had taken sick and could not attend .So with the rain still drizzling down we headed the back way to Marybrough and on to Woodgate .Annette & Gary welcomed us at the front gate with the sad news ( not if you own a Harley ) that Jim's new Kawasaki was broken down half way between Biggenden & Childers and was waiting for Alex to pick him up with the bike trailer .Andy went and bought some beer to help us get over this said  news .So after a couple of beer and  with tears still in the eyes we headed to the Hotel for tea and wait for the trailer . We order tea and by the time it arrived Gary had taken sick so Annette took him home , he seem to be getting worse so the Ambulance was called and Gary was take to Hospital in Bundy ( We are all hoping for a speedy recovery for Gary and will keep everyone informed when more information becomes available ). The trailer arrived  and we couldn't help but ask what a Kawasaki  and  a Cattle Dog have in common  ( I think everyone knows the answer ) Jim assured us that the trailer was hidden  and no pictures were available( We now know why he wanted us to take the bus home) so we headed home and off to bed  Just got off to sleep when the air raid siren started ( They have sirens set up around town to get all the Emergency personal to the shed ,Don't know what happened ) so back to sleep  ,up in the morning Annette rang Gary to see how he was feeling but all he was worried about was how he was going to get his bike home ,So a quick call to Jim , Problem solved Marg & Jim headed home (  Not sure if he was worried about us getting that elusive photo ) the rest of us headed to the Deck cafe for breakfast  .A good  Breaky ,Coffee and company, we bid fair well to Annette and headed for Buxton, Although numbers were down at the BBQ I think everyone enjoyed  the day with Marles wining a bottle of wine and Sandy winning a torch  our branch won 2 of the 4 prizes . We all split up to head home .We must once again thank Annette & Gary for the wonderful hospitality and all that attended I hope you enjoyed the weekend as much as I did.  Dale PS  Hope Jim forgives me as all he had was a flat tyre

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